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The Possibilities of Home Automation and Smart TechnologyAutomation is the the future, even in your home. Now with the invention of smart phones, controlling home automation is even easier. Slowly but surely, home automation is creeping into everyday life, from answering the door to turning on the lights. Homeowners wondering what type of automation is available, and where home automation might be going in the future, can check out these exciting up-and-coming products and apps for homeowners. The personal technology renaissance has been going on for some time – what gadgets will work best for your needs?

Smart Lights

Smart lights learn your lighting habits so they can turn on when you need them. Smart lights work when you're not even home to make your home look occupied. Best of all, you can

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Home Improvement Projects That Pay OffThere are plenty of home improvement projects that can be undertaken, either by the homeowner or by hiring a contractor. In some cases, there are options for homeowners to finance their improvement projects through a 203k loan. But not all projects that make the home better are worth doing. Sometimes the improvement looks great, but it doesn't benefit the homeowner in that it doesn't give them at least the majority of their money back when they decide to sell. Whether they are making improvements to the house because they want to live in a place they like better, or they are changing things in order to get the house ready to be sold, some home improvement projects are well worth the time, effort, and money. Others are a poor choice for any kind of

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How To Buy Your First HomeWhen it comes time to buy a new home, it can be a confusing process for someone who’s never done it before, and may people may not even be sure where to start. Fortunately, the home buying process can easily be broken down into a series of easily followable steps, and here they are.

1. Get Preapproved For a Loan

Getting preapproved is an easy step to miss, especially for those who are unfamiliar with real estate. By selecting an appropriate mortgage and getting preapproved, buyers will be able to show sellers that they have already been approved to take out a loan when it comes time to put in an offer on a home. This can be an incentive for the homeowner to accept the buyer’s offer because it means not having to wait any longer for the buyer

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Your 203k Home Loan GuideAre you planning a major home improvement or renovation? It can be difficult to finance important repairs and upgrades out-of-pocket. Homeowners and nonprofits may want to make it less stressful to come up with funds by taking out a 203k home loan on a property requiring rehab. A range of projects may be covered under this loan. Homeowners who are interested in purchasing new appliances, replacing a deck or repair a roof may want to use this loan to reach their goals. Individuals intending to rehab a distressed property may also want to apply for a 203k home loan.

Learn more about the 203k loan, eligibility requirements and more today.

203k Loans and Home Renovations

This type of home loan helps homeowners make necessary upgrades to a

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7 Painting Tools You Should Be UsingWhile it might seem like there’s nothing more to painting than dipping a brush in a can of paint and then putting it on the wall, the process is a little more involved. There are many different tools on the market that can help homeowners get a professionally painted look, even if they’ve never painted before. Here are seven essential painting tools and what they can do that makes them worth their price tag.

1. Painter’s Tape

For painters who aren’t confident in their ability to do edges freehand, painter’s tape is a must. Just put it on the wall, paint, and peel it off. The tape leaves crisp lines that look like they were professionally done. There are quite a few different brands of painter’s tape on the market, and they’re usually either

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What You Need to Know to Get a VA LoanVA loans offer premium benefits over traditional loans for our military members and their loved ones, so it's important for eligible individuals to understand how they work before they apply. Terms can vary based on a number of factors, such as location and military background. See how it works before getting started.

VA Loan Requirements

To qualify for a VA loan, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force members needs to have served 181 days during peacetime or 90 days during an active war. If the applicant is in the National Guard or the Reserves, they're eligible for a VA loan after six years of service. VA loans may be granted to the spouses of members who passed away during active duty. Applicants are normally expected to have a

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A Short Guide to FHA LoansFederal Housing Administration (FHA) loans were made to help home buyers who don't have the savings or credit score for a conventional loan. These loans are insured by the government in the case of default, which makes lenders more likely to take a chance on an otherwise undesirable applicant. They were originally made available in the 1930s to stimulate the market but have stuck around because the program boosts the economy and helps to preserve the American dream.

The Basics of the FHA Loan

While the government may be insuring FHA loans, they're not actually loaning the money. Instead, the government works with certain lenders by giving them official regulations alongside general guidelines. Apart from following the necessary rules though,

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Four Things Home Buyers Need to Know About Conventional MortgagesWhen people start to explore mortgage loans, they may become confused by the terms “conventional” or “conforming loan.” The truth is that conventional loans are relatively easy to figure out, particularly for people who have some basic familiarity with the general mortgage process. With the answers to these questions, people will understand the fundamentals of conventional mortgage loans.

How Do Conventional Mortgages Work?

When people get a loan from a bank that is not backed through some government entity, such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), their loan is most likely a conventional loan. The term “conventional mortgage” simply means that the government is not providing insurance for the loan, in case the borrower defaults.

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Do You Need to Pay a Capital Gains Tax?What is capital gains tax and does every homeowner need to pay it? The capital gains tax may amount to a large payment and it does not become important unless a homeowner wants to sell a home which has appreciated in value.

The IRS wants their share of the pie. When a homeowner has sold their property, some of the profit may have to paid in the form of a capital gains tax. With a few adjustments, homeowners may be able to pay less in capital gains than otherwise expected. What should those looking to sell a home, in Belle Meade or elsewhere, know about capital gains?

Learn more about capital gains tax and exclusions today.

What Are Capital Gains?

A primary home is considered a capital asset. When this asset appreciates and is sold at a

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Home Staging SecretsHow can you make the most impact on potential buyers when it comes time to selling a home? Home staging influences how visitors experience a home and makes it easier to sell a home in a competitive market. What should homeowners know about home staging to make a home more attractive to buyers?

Learn a few secrets to home staging to make a better first impression on buyers today.

Light the Home

Homes that are well-staged have this one aspect in common. They are well-lit. The amount of light in a space can do much to make it more attractive and make it more comfortable for visitors to see all of the areas of interest. A dark basement or dimly-lit room will not help homeowners sell their home. Home stagers recommend increasing the wattage of

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