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Four Things Home Buyers Need to Know About Conventional MortgagesWhen people start to explore mortgage loans, they may become confused by the terms “conventional” or “conforming loan.” The truth is that conventional loans are relatively easy to figure out, particularly for people who have some basic familiarity with the general mortgage process. With the answers to these questions, people will understand the fundamentals of conventional mortgage loans.

How Do Conventional Mortgages Work?

When people get a loan from a bank that is not backed through some government entity, such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), their loan is most likely a conventional loan. The term “conventional mortgage” simply means that the government is not providing insurance for the loan, in case the borrower defaults.

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Do You Need to Pay a Capital Gains Tax?What is capital gains tax and does every homeowner need to pay it? The capital gains tax may amount to a large payment and it does not become important unless a homeowner wants to sell a home which has appreciated in value.

The IRS wants their share of the pie. When a homeowner has sold their property, some of the profit may have to paid in the form of a capital gains tax. With a few adjustments, homeowners may be able to pay less in capital gains than otherwise expected. What should those looking to sell a home, in Belle Meade or elsewhere, know about capital gains?

Learn more about capital gains tax and exclusions today.

What Are Capital Gains?

A primary home is considered a capital asset. When this asset appreciates and is sold at a…

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Home Staging SecretsHow can you make the most impact on potential buyers when it comes time to selling a home? Home staging influences how visitors experience a home and makes it easier to sell a home in a competitive market. What should homeowners know about home staging to make a home more attractive to buyers?

Learn a few secrets to home staging to make a better first impression on buyers today.

Light the Home

Homes that are well-staged have this one aspect in common. They are well-lit. The amount of light in a space can do much to make it more attractive and make it more comfortable for visitors to see all of the areas of interest. A dark basement or dimly-lit room will not help homeowners sell their home. Home stagers recommend increasing the wattage of…

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5 Ways to Handle Negotiations After Home Inspections Discover IssuesThere are certain to be issues that arise during the course of the various home inspections that are typically performed during the home buying and selling process. While certain issues can create opportunities for negotiations, there are no set rules concerning what sellers are required to repair. This puts the ball in the buyer's court, who now has a few options about how to proceed when an inspection presents condition concerns.

1. Renegotiate the Buying Price

Even if a certain flaw isn't particularly a major issue or a concern of the potential buyer, there is still room to take advantage of the situation by asking for a price reduction. This can be particularly beneficial to buyers with DIY skills or those who plan to hire a contractor…

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