Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off

Remodeling can add value to your home and even help it sell faster. These projects offer homeowners the best bang for their buck.

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Home Improvement Projects That Pay OffThere are plenty of home improvement projects that can be undertaken, either by the homeowner or by hiring a contractor. In some cases, there are options for homeowners to finance their improvement projects through a 203k loan. But not all projects that make the home better are worth doing. Sometimes the improvement looks great, but it doesn't benefit the homeowner in that it doesn't give them at least the majority of their money back when they decide to sell. Whether they are making improvements to the house because they want to live in a place they like better, or they are changing things in order to get the house ready to be sold, some home improvement projects are well worth the time, effort, and money. Others are a poor choice for any kind of resale value, and should be avoided in most cases.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners who make changes to their kitchen can generally get their money back and enjoy the new look and feel of their space. But focus on a minor remodel. There's no need to completely gut a kitchen and spend tens of thousands of dollars to change all of it. Minor DIY kitchen renovations can make a big difference, and a Nashville area homeowner can expect to get all of their money back out of the changes.

That makes it a good investment, whether they live there for a while or make the changes and then sell the house. Minor remodels can include things like replacing old or outdated appliances, painting the cabinets, and putting in new countertops. Sometimes homeowners also replace flooring and paint the space, depending on the overall look they are going for.


A little bit of exterior beauty goes a long way. Landscaping around a house can really bring out features that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. It also makes the house look bright and cheerful, and helps it feel like a home. Homeowners who clean up and level out their yard, keep the grass looking healthy, and put in flower beds and other features that are well-maintained often succeed in having an exterior that looks nice. That can lead them to be happier with their home overall, but it can also help them get their home sold. In those kinds of cases, landscaping is all about curb appeal and getting a buyer to fall in love with what they see before they ever even walk in the door.

Attic Bedroom Conversion

Unused attic space can be converted into a bedroom relatively easily in many Gallatin houses. The rafters are already exposed, so running electrical isn't difficult. Then a subfloor of plywood can be put down. Carpet and sheetrock complete the space, and there is no need for plumbing or anything highly expensive.

It's generally a good idea to insulate the space before the sheetrock goes in, too, in order to reduce the chances that anyone staying in that room will get too hot or too cold. A fan and a baseboard heater can help heat and cool the space without the need to run expensive ductwork. Of course, some homes have ductwork nearby that can be tapped into. In those cases it may make more sense to do that so the room is even more comfortable.

Basement Remodel

For homeowners that have a basement, it's often either unfinished and unused space or it involves a lot of old carpet and outdated paneling. If you are dealing with a basement like this, remodeling it can make a big difference in the look and feel of the space, along with the value of the home. Remodeling a basement doesn't have to cost a lot, as long as the homeowner understands that there's no reason to add things that aren't there already. For example, if there's a bathroom it should be updated, but if there's no bathroom it's not necessary to put one in. A new bathroom added to the house will increase the value in most cases, but it can also be a very costly project. Still, it can be worth the effort.

Living Room Updates

The living room is the first thing people come home to and the first thing that potential buyers see. With that in mind, it's a good idea to remodel it and have it look as good as possible. New paint and flooring are common improvements, along with fixtures. If there are any built-ins they can be reworked and improved, and the room can be rearranged to feel more cozy and homey overall.

While that's not a guarantee that a buyer will love the place and make an offer, how a buyer feels when they walk into the home or condo in Nashville for the first time can go a long way toward whether they decide they want to make that house their home. Updating the living room is generally one of the more inexpensive remodel options, and it can definitely pay off well.

Window Replacement

Old and outdated windows really bring down the value of a home. It just doesn't look as nice, and the comfort factor is different, as well. Older windows can be drafty, and they don't always seal up well. They can also be a problem from the standpoint of energy bills, because single-pane and even older double-pane windows don't keep heat and cool air in as well as newer, more energy-efficient versions. With that in mind, any homeowner who is considering some remodeling of their house, either to live more comfortably or to sell the place to someone else, should replace the windows. The house will look and feel better, and the power bills will be lower.

Exterior Improvements

Siding and trim are both important parts of the exterior of a home. They are also big parts of the first impression that people get when they see the house. Whether that's friends and family members coming over to visit or buyers stopping by for a showing, the house should look as good from the outside as possible. Exterior improvements can add a lot of value, and they can also increase the curb appeal and help improve the comfort of the home by sealing things up better. Old, outdated siding may also have asbestos in it, which has to be removed and disposed of properly in order to improve safety and reduce environmental hazards. Consider improvements like siding carefully, because they can be very costly depending on the materials chosen.

Minor Bathroom Remodel

Much like the kitchen, a bathroom can get very expensive when it comes to remodeling. But there are a lot of ways a homeowner can undertake a minor bathroom remodel that doesn't cost a lot of money. That also helps homeowners get their money back from the remodel more easily, as well. Faucets and fixtures can change the look of the space, as can paint and accessories. Additionally, some homeowners choose to paint the cabinets or have the bathtub or shower enclosure redone or replaced, along with the sink. These options can all add a lot of value to a bathroom remodel and can help a buyer fall in love with the home, too.

Add a Deck, Porch, or Patio

Outdoor spaces can be as important as indoor spaces, and if your house doesn't have a deck, porch, or patio but there is space for one, it may be time to add some more value to the home. Many people like outdoor spaces for grilling, having a drink, or just sitting and relaxing. Because of that, there are plenty of options that are valuable when you want to increase the usable outdoor space of a Belle Meade home. You may not have space for all of them, but even one or two can make a big difference. It's a great way to enjoy space at a house that's already loved, or help a buyer see the beauty of a place they're considering calling home.

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