4 Types of Wood Floors For Your Home

There’s more types of wood floors than just hardwood. Learn more about those and other wood floor options for your home.

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Getting Wood Floors? Check Out These 4 Great OptionsWhen it comes to floors, wood has always been a popular choice among homeowners. Wood floors are durable and can last decades with proper care, they give homes a classic look, and they can also add value to a home when it comes time to sell. However, there are multiple kind of wood floors, and homeowners who aren’t aware of that may be overwhelmed by all the choices when they go to choose which type they want.  Here are some different types of wood floor materials a Gallatin homeowner can chose from when they decide to have wood floors installed in their home.

Hardwood Floors

When it comes to wood floors, hardwood is definitely the one everyone thinks about first. Hardwood floors can be made from any type of hardwood, but oak is the most commonly used wood in North America due to its wide availability. The price of hardwood floors can vary widely, depending on the wood that’s chosen. Homeowners who are trying to stick to a budget will want to choose a common wood like oak instead of a less common choice like black walnut. Hardwood can also be stained in order to change the color, so homeowners who think oak looks boring but don’t want to spend the extra money on a more attractive color can have the oak stained instead.

Bamboo Floors

Even the most affordable hardwood floors can still be expensive, and not everyone can afford them. For homeowners who want to save money but still have the look of wood floors, bamboo can be a great option. Bamboo isn’t a hardwood, so it isn’t quite as durable as oak or birch, but it’s still durable enough to hold up to everyday wear and tear, and it can last just as long with proper care. Bamboo is also more eco-friendly than hardwood floors because it only takes bamboo around three years to fully mature to a point where it can be harvested, whereas it can take hardwood trees decades. 

Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Another more affordable option for homeowners who love hardwood floors is to choose reclaimed hardwood floors. Reclaimed wood is wood that was previously used for another purpose, such as siding, a deck, an old barn, and so on. The wood is then revitalized and used in floors, furniture, and more. Like bamboo, reclaimed hardwood is also an eco-friendly alternative to normal hardwood because it’s old wood that has been upcycled and given new life. It can be difficult to locate reclaimed hardwood, however, as this material is a bit more specialty than other woods. Homeowners who want it may have to hunt for it more than they would other options.

Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood flooring is a unique option because it isn’t made from just one type of wood. Instead, it’s made from layers of different woods. The top layer will be the hardwood  that gets seen by everyone, and below that, there are layers of plywood that give it strength and reduce the cost of making it. Engineered wood floor gives homes all the advantages of normal hardwood floors while also being more cost-effective, making it a great choice.

Wood floors are a classic choice for homes and may never go out of style, and they have the durability to last. These are just some great choices homeowners can choose from when it comes to flooring options. For more information about these and others, be sure to consult an expert at a local hardware or flooring store.

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