Winning Secrets to Home Staging

Show your home in the best possible light when deciding to stage a home. Learn a few secrets to home staging to make a better first impression on buyers today.

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Home Staging SecretsHow can you make the most impact on potential buyers when it comes time to selling a home? Home staging influences how visitors experience a home and makes it easier to sell a home in a competitive market. What should homeowners know about home staging to make a home more attractive to buyers?

Learn a few secrets to home staging to make a better first impression on buyers today.

Light the Home

Homes that are well-staged have this one aspect in common. They are well-lit. The amount of light in a space can do much to make it more attractive and make it more comfortable for visitors to see all of the areas of interest. A dark basement or dimly-lit room will not help homeowners sell their home. Home stagers recommend increasing the wattage of lamps and have approximately 100 watts for every 50 square feet to be lit in a home. Include ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting in rooms.

Remove the Clutter

Get back to the essentials. Remove items that are not essential in order to create an inviting space and improve the flow within a home. A house can come off as feeling cluttered when there is too much furniture. Taking away such items can create a larger and more open feel to a space. In addition, store away personal items, such as family pictures, bills, children's toys and more. Creating an open and neutral space allows potential buyers to easily image themselves living in a home. Items that need to be removed should be neatly organized in storage areas or garages, if not thrown away or donated.

Group Furniture

Many homeowners have the belief that furniture should be pushed against a home's walls to create a more open space. Rather, it is easier to improve the flow of a space by positioning chairs and sofas away from the walls into conversational groups. Float furniture to make the space more accessible, inviting and spacious.

Space and Flow

Crieve Hall homes with smaller rooms can create the impression of more space easily with a fresh coat of paint. Connected and adjacent rooms can be painted the same color to create a more seamless, continuous feel. This is helpful for those homes with small kitchens and dining areas as it helps to visually connect the two areas. In addition, when the walls and drapery are the same color, it establishes an uninterrupted visual flow for the eye that makes a room appear larger than it is. Bedrooms should be neatly organized and color coordinated with high quality bed linen and pillows. 

Show a Home without the Homeowner

Home staging has become an essential part of showing a home and attracting qualified buyers. However, staging will not offset the issue posed when homeowners persist in staying on the premises when a home is being shown to interested buyers. This prevents agents from learning more about what areas can be improved and may make visitors uncomfortable and less likely to linger and openly discuss aspects of a home. Home staging is an important aspect of selling a home but buyers cannot plant themselves in a home office of bedroom when it comes time to show a home.

Speak to Your Agent

An agent can provide insights and give feedback to improve the flow and feel of a home. Additional lighting, decluttering and the removal or rearranging of furniture can do much toward making rooms more inviting for potential buyers. An experienced real estate agent can provide solid advice to get a home ready to show.

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