4 Different Types of Windows for Your Home

There are many different types of windows. Learn more about four popular types that fit into nearly any home.

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4 Popular Window Types For Your HomeAll homes need windows in order to let light inside and make it more comfortable to be inside. However, there are many different types of windows out there. When a homeowner chooses a type of window for their home, they aren’t just choosing a piece of glass. All the different types of windows have different uses and functions that make them ideal for certain rooms. There are windows that open, windows that never open, windows that can be doors, and even windows that help create a unique shape on the home. When a homeowner is choosing new windows for their home, they have a lot of options. Here are some different types of windows and what makes them unique.

Hung Windows

When it comes to hung windows, there are single-hung and double-hung windows that homeowners can choose from. These are popular choices for many homeowners because they allow users to open the windows in one or two different ways. Single-hung windows can be opened either from the top or the bottom, while double-hung windows can be opened both ways. The versatility of double-hung windows allows them to improve airflow through a home. The way they open also makes them easier to clean than some other window types.

Casement Windows

Ventilation is an important part of a home, especially during summers where hot, stagnating air makes it uncomfortable to be inside. Homeowners who want a lot of air flowing through their home should look into installing casement windows. Unlike hung windows that slide up or down over each other, casement windows open on a hinge that goes out, like a door. Casement windows provide the most airflow of all the common household windows, and they’re also quite easy to clean due to how they open.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are unique because they aren’t just windows; they also help shape the home. Bay windows are typically made up by three windows: two narrow windows angled outward from a home and one longer window that connects them, creating a small alcove. Many homeowners choose to put a bench or shelves in the alcove to decorate, but some choose to leave it empty in order to make the room look larger. Adding a bay window to an already-built home can be difficult because of its shape, but homeowners who are waiting on a new construction home can easily ask their builder to add one.

Picture Windows

When airflow and ventilation isn’t an issue, picture windows can be a good option for a home. Picture windows come in a wide range of sizes from small to the size of an entire wall. They don’t open, which means there is no option for ventilation. However, it also means that picture windows have a permanent seal and very few problems with drafts and air leaks, which can be common in windows that are made to open and close. Picture windows are incredibly versatile in the ways they can be used, and homeowners can get picture windows in nearly any shape or size and put them in a variety of different locations, both indoors and outdoors.

The type of windows a homeowner chooses for their home can affect both how it looks and how pleasant it is to live inside. Knowing the different types of windows and what sets them apart from each other can be a good way to choose the right type of window for every room.

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