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Nashville residents and visitors can find many ways around even without a car. Nashville has public transportation options that include buses, train and bike rentals.

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Public Transportation Options in Nashville, TNDuring any trip to the Music City, navigating downtown traffic and finding affordable parking can be a struggle. Because of this, many visitors and locals opt for public transportation options in Nashville, TN. While the city buses are the main form of public transit in the city, there are a few other options that are gaining popularity.

Buses in Nashville

Formerly known as the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Nashville's bus service was rebranded WeGo Public Transit in 2018. The bright purple buses and shuttles can be found throughout Nashville, as WeGo operates over 50 routes that cover the entire city. There are a number of express routes designed to get people back and forth to key destinations quickly, including those that will take passengers to destinations like the Nashville International Airport. Those looking for a more relaxed traveling experience can check out the Music City Circuit, which is a free bus route that takes passengers to a number of key music history locations throughout the city. Buses start running at 5:30 a.m. and end service in the early evening. Passengers should double-check weekend hours when traveling on a Saturday or Sunday.

Nashville Light Rail

While Nashville does not have a true light rail system, it does have a commuter train that offers limited service in the city and the surrounding communities. The Music City Star Train visits seven stations across Nashville. Tickets cost $5.25 each, but reduced rates are available when riders buy several tickets for future dates.

In addition to regularly scheduled trains, there are a number of special services offered throughout the year. For instance, during football season, the Titans Express takes riders back and forth to games throughout the season. Service starts in Lebanon and has stops all the way to downtown. On New Year's Eve, an express line runs until 1:30 a.m. to give people a safe way home.

Bike and Scooter Rentals in Nashville

With a little creativity and effort, people can find the freedom they need to get around the city on their own time. Nashville's downtown area is highly walkable, which means people can usually get from a public transit stop to their destination easily. For longer jaunts, though, bike and electric scooter rentals are a fun and practical option.

B-Cycle has on-demand bike rentals at kiosks throughout the city, where bikes can be rented by the hour, day, week or year. Rentals are available from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., and riders can pick up or drop off bicycles at stations throughout the city.

Several companies now offer electric scooter rentals. The scooters can often be found throughout the city and rented through the use of a mobile app. The most common places to find them are in the downtown area and in nearby East Nashville. The scooters are best for areas that do not have a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Public transit gets somewhat more difficult to find as visitors get further from the city center. However, when combining buses and other options with rideshares, rental cars and taxis, most people will find that they can get where they need to go in Nashville. With a little planning, most will be able to navigate well around this vibrant southern city.

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