Popular Security Systems for Homeowners

From bare bones self installed home security systems to professionally monitored smart home security systems, check out these top options for homeowners today.

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Popular Security Systems for Homeowners

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 at 9:31am.

Top Home Security SystemsThere are many types of home security systems available today that can help homeowners feel safe both while at home and when they are away. With statistics estimating that more than two million homes are burglarized annually, the best way to prevent becoming a victim is to invest in a solid home security system. Beyond enjoying greater peace of mind, there are typically insurance discounts for home security systems ranging from 15-20 percent. These are the most popular types of security systems for homeowners.

Electric Current Home Alarm Systems

While somewhat outdated, these systems simply use sensors to detect when connected doors and windows are opened. As implied, they connect directly to the home's electrical current, which renders them useless during power failures without a generator backup. When activated, electric current home alarms will emit a high-pitched beeping noise to alert homeowners to any intrusions. However, no assistance is automatically rendered as with a monitored system.

Monitored Residential Security Systems

Monitored home security is by far one of the best options for maximum protection, but they do come at a monthly subscription cost. These systems are available in both hardwired and wireless connectivity options depending on the monitoring company chosen. Essentially, home systems are linked to a 24/7 monitoring facility with live representatives prepared to assist homeowners in cases of an emergency such as a break-in, fire, or other incident. They will dispatch the appropriate personnel to the home right away.

Some notes of caution when determining whether to opt for a monitored landline system or a cellular wireless system. Hardwired connections can easily be cut from outside of the new Mount Juliet home to completely disable the system. Wireless cellular connections can be problematic in areas with iffy service, and these systems can be disabled if the keypad system is smashed. However, many companies offer a smash and crash system with a backup in case this occurs. Overall, homeowners may enjoy greater security with a combination package with dual connectivity options.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems can be either monitored or unmonitored, and they can be either professionally or self-installed. Smart home automation is all the rage with modern homeowners seeking the ultimate in home protection that allows them to receive immediate alerts via their smartphone is some aspect of the system is triggered. Smart home security systems typically offer the top options such as:

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart thermostats
  • Glass break/vibration sensors
  • Smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Water leak sensors
  • Security cameras

Many of these systems are Nest and/or Alexa compatible, so there will be an additional expense on top of any added equipment costs and installation. Monitoring is highly recommended for smart security systems to perform optimally.

Unmonitored Home Security Systems

There is one singular advantage to choosing an unmonitored home security system: economics. It costs absolutely nothing to self-monitor home security systems, while most companies charge a monthly monitoring fee and most require a multiple year contract. This can add up quickly, but most homeowners find the added security to be well worth the cost.

While smart security systems connected via Nest or a similar device are easy to monitor, there is the consideration of how to respond to alerts when you are away from home and are in no position to contact responders in an emergency. An additional consideration when choosing between monitored and unmonitored systems is the fact that many companies will offer free equipment for those who enroll in a service plan.

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