New Real Estate Building Technology

Building real estate technology helps homeowners make the most out of their new home construction. If you're building your home, here's what to know.

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New Real Estate Building Technology

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 at 10:18am.

Everything You Need to Know About Building Real Estate TechnologyReal estate building technology has made leaps and bounds in the last few decades. The invention of tablets, smart software and even new construction tools has improved efficiency for contractors who build homes. Residential structures are constructed faster and easier than ever, and they're made to be more efficient for homeowners. If you're thinking about building a home sometime in the next few months, here's what you need to know about new real estate building technology.

Communication Software for Contractors

One of the reasons the home building process has improved in the last few years is because of communication software available to contractors. Home builders now have access to powerful communication tools, which enable them to track home buyer contact information, include all stakeholders in projects, create documents like contracts and change orders, and track tasks due to ensure projects proceed with efficiency.

Home buyers who want efficient communication from their builders may look for business owners who use this kind of product to communicate with clients. Contractors who are comfortable with email, who respond quickly with a contract, who take notes by tablet and who are flexible in their ability to communicate over a variety of platforms are more likely to offer the kind of customer service modern home buyers expect.

Lasers to Level and Measure

Back in the day, levels and measuring tapes were used to measure and level fixtures. Today, that work is done by lasers, because they're faster, easier to use and more accurate than many traditional hand tools. Lasers enable contractors to get the job done more quickly and with fewer errors.

When they were first introduced to the construction industry, many contractors could not afford more than one laser for their company. A reduction in prices has made laser levels a cost effective practical tool even for small outfits. Many of the best contractors will have multiple lasers on hand.

Virtual Reality to Help with Visualization

Virtual reality enables contractors to visualize "what may be" during the building process. Virtual reality helps contractors imagine potential possibilities and make creative decisions based on what they can see in front of them. Virtual reality also helps home buyers to imagine their future, and make choices to help the contractor.

VR headsets are still new and not in use by many contractors, but for home buyers who are more visual in nature, VR headsets are an excellent tool during the planning stages. In the future, it is projected many contractors will use more virtual reality headsets in their communications with clients and throughout the building process.

Smart Products to Make Homes Better

Smart products are one of the things home builders are now incorporating into new homes. Smart products span a range, from thermostats to smart locks. They can be used to make a home more secure, more energy efficient, more convenient and more modern. Some of the most common smart products homebuyers like to incorporate into their modern homes include:

  • Smart locks
  • Video door bell
  • Smart blinds
  • Smart thermostat

Many of these products are best built into the home at its beginning, rather than trying to incorporate them into the structure at the end. Home buyers who would like to see smart products installed in their new home can work with their contractor to ensure the products are installed properly during the building process.

Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainable building materials are important for ensuring a home is energy efficient and its carbon footprint is small. There are many sustainable materials becoming popular in modern residences.

Rammed Earth

Rammed earth walls are made from compacted earth. This material was used to create the great wall of China, and now it's being used to create homes in the modern United States. Rammed earth requires use of special equipment to construct homes, and home buyers seeking a rammed earth home should look for a contractor who specializes in this construction.

Self-Healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete is a marvel of modern invention. When a crack forms in self-healing concrete, the product can mend itself over time. This can prevent leaks in the basement, the destabilization of a foundation or the slow degradation of an outdoor patio. Self-healing concrete can reduce expenses relating to repair, and can also prevent further damage from water leaks coming through cracks.

Contact the Professionals to Get Started with a Home Purchase

If you're a Belle Meade home buyer who would like to work with a contractor who uses all the latest materials and technologies, ask your contractor about modern building materials and methods he or she incorporates into the building process. Your builder should be able to cite a variety of materials they use to make their building projects more modern and useful for homeowners. Take this information into account when hiring a contractor.

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