Moving Long Distance? Check Out These Handy Tips

Learn four essential tips that can help make packing and moving long distance go by like a breeze.

Moving Long Distance? Check Out These Handy Tips Close
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Moving Long Distance? Check Out These Handy Tips

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 11:27am.

4 Tips For Preparing For a Long Distance MoveThe old home has been sold, the new home has been purchased, and almost everything is packed away. Now it’s time to focus on the move, but that’s easier said than done, especially when moving requires driving across the country. Long-distance moves share a lot in common with local moves, but they also present their own unique challenges. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when preparing for the big move.

1. Get Rid of Anything Unnecessary

When moving long-distance, moving space is extremely valuable, so homeowners need to ensure that they’re only taking the things that they truly want and need. Decluttering is typically item number one on a moving checklist. When packing up everything to go, homeowners should be sifting through all of their things and separating what they don’t want in order to either sell it, donate it, or throw it out. Things that homeowners can usually feel safe getting rid of are things like old clothes, toys that don’t get played with anymore, broken appliances, and so on. 

2. Label All Boxes Clearly

Regardless of how big a move is, all Gulch homeowners should label every box they pack clearly. Not only does this make it easier to keep track of things once they’re all in nondescript cardboard boxes, but labels allow the movers to put everything where it needs to go in the new home, and the homeowner will be able to find the things that they want without having to open every box in the search. When labeling boxes, homeowners should put the room that they should be placed in and a general list of what’s inside them such as clothes, plates, books, and so on.

3. Keep Valuables On Hand

It’s an unfortunate truth that things may get stolen during the moving process. Everyone wants to assume the best of the people around them, but it’s important to take precautions to ensure that nothing bad happens. When packing, try to keep all valuables such as family heirlooms, jewelry, or important documents like moving papers or mail together, and don’t let it get on the moving truck. Instead, take it in the car where it will never be alone with total strangers. This will help ensure that everything stays where it’s supposed to be and doesn’t wander off.

4. Use Plenty of Bubble Wrap

No matter how far the move, bubble wrap is the best defense against broken items. And for long distance moves, it’s even more important because every mile, whether it’s 100 or 1,000, is another chance for something to break. Packing peanuts can also be used to provide a little extra cushioning in boxes, but what’s important is that the homeowner is packing everything so it fits snugly in the boxes and doesn’t have an opportunity to bounce around and break. Labeling the boxes as fragile can also help when hand-transporting them.

5. Keep the Essentials Separate

A long distance move could take days to complete, so everyone making the move needs to have their day-to-day essentials accessible so no one is stuck wearing the same clothes for multiple days. Some things to pack include:

  • Extra clothes
  • Snacks
  • Medications
  • Entertainment
  • Car chargers for electronics
  • Wet wipes or other cleaning supplies

Having these things on hand will help ensure that everyone in the car has what they need over the trip so they stay happy, so it’s worth it to put together a box of essentials.

Long distance moving may have some unique challenges due to the scope of the move, but they aren’t anything to be afraid of. Using these tips can help make sure that everything gets where it’s going in one piece.

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