5 Common Dangers in the Home and Injury Prevention Tips

It may be hard to believe, but the home is one of the most dangerous places you can be! Discover the top 5 home dangers and ways to prevent them in this guide.

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5 Common Household Dangers and Prevention TipsOne would think that a Brentwood home is the safest place to be, but unfortunately that's simply not the case. In fact, a good portion of injuries occur within the home—likely because it's where we feel most comfortable. With this in mind, here are five common home dangers along with some home injury prevention tips.

Falls in the Home

One-third of annually reported injuries in the US are due to falls. The majority of falling incidents occur within residences making falls one of the most common dangers in the home. Falls can happen anywhere indoors… in kitchens, baths, on stair and by tripping on rugs. However, preventive measures include adding rugs in damp areas to stave off falls while taking time to secure them to prevent tripping. Install safety handrails and/or grab bars along stairways and baths.

Fire Hazards

From electrical wires with frayed ends to overloaded outlets and even conscious fire-hazards like unextinguished candles and cigarettes, accidental fires are a very real possibility in homes. Be sure to fully extinguish candles and cigarettes, and turn off gas appliances after use and avoid overloading outlets—especially for major appliance connections. Be sure to install fire alarms and keep fire extinguishers handy around the house.

Paint and Chemical Hazards

Paints not labeled no or low-VOC can contain volatile organic compounds that can pose a health risk to occupants. Furthermore, if removing paint in an older home, one should use precautions in case the old paint is lead-based. Regardless of the paint and painting tools utilized, be certain to properly store them out of the reach of children. Chemicals such as pesticides and household cleaners should be used only as directed an in well-ventilated areas. Like paints, these should be properly stored for safety.

Carbon Monoxide

The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning are serious and can lead to permanent health issues and even death. Unfortunately, this problem is becoming more common, as it's virtually undetectable via smell or sight. Installing carbon monoxide detectors and alert systems can literally be a lifesaver.

Bathroom and Kitchen Risks

It's more than a rumor that most household accidents occur in the kitchen and bathroom. Slips, falls, chemicals, medications, cosmetics, fire risks and more occur and exist in these areas. Minimize slips and falls with grab bars, rails, rugs and by cleaning up damp areas immediately. Keep chemicals, cosmetics, medication and highly-toxic toiletries securely locked up or placed out of children's reach.

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