5 Strategies For Selling Your Home Quickly

Learn more about five different strategies homeowners can use to make their home more appealing to buyers and sell it faster.

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5 Ways To Sell Your Home FasterNo homeowner wants their home to sit on the market for months on end without finding the right buyer. It may seem like there is little a homeowner can do about this, but in reality there are many different things a homeowner can do to make their home more appealing to buyers, which may lead to a faster sale. Here are five different projects and strategies homeowners can use to help their home find the right buyer faster.

1. Take High Quality Pictures

These days, people almost always go online to look for homes for sale, so it’s of the utmost important that the homeowner uses the best photos possible on these listings to give buyer an accurate representation of the home. Cellphones have such high quality cameras now that it’s possible for homeowners to take the photos themselves with them. But for homeowners who aren’t so sure of their skill in photography, they can also hire a professional photographer to come out to the home and take the pictures for them. 

2. Stage the Home

No one wants their home to be cold and uninviting when trying to sell it, but some homeowners may unwittingly make their home so. Homeowners should always make sure there is furniture in their home because empty rooms can lead the home to feel empty and smaller than it actually is. If the furniture needs to be removed from a home before it can be sold, try hiring a professional home stager who can bring their own furniture into the home and help bring the space to life so buyers can see it at its best.

3. Remember Landscaping and Curb Appeal

A home’s exterior is its first impression with buyers and the best way to draw them in, so it’s important to devote time to making sure everything looks inviting. Fortunately, curb appeal doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars on landscaping. Doing simple things like regular yard work are good ways to keep a yard looking clean for boosting curb appeal. Some of the different chores include weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, power washing walkways, painting the siding, washing the windows, and so on.

4. Remove Personalized Decorations

When buyers come through a home during a showing, they often try to imagine themselves living in the home. To better facilitate this, it can be a good idea for homeowners to remove any sort of personalized items from the home such as family photos, framed degrees and certificates, or anything displaying the names of the people who live in the home. Putting these sorts of items away can also help keep visitors from being distracted as they walk through the home, so it can serve multiple purposes. 

5. Temporarily Remove Pets

Pets may be part of the family, but during home showings, they can be off-putting to buyers who are allergic to or afraid of animals. There’s no reason to get rid of pets completely—just remove them from the home temporarily by taking them to a friend or neighbor’s home or to a local kennel. It’s also a good idea to take the pet’s things like beds, toys, and dishes and put them away to tidy up the home before showings to remove unnecessary clutter.

These are just some of the different things Portland homeowners can do to help their home sell faster. For more ideas, consult a real estate agent who can give personalized advice for every home.

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