Should You Refurbish or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

A kitchen renovation is a big affair, and cabinet upgrades can be expensive. Here's what to know about refurbishing and replacing your kitchen cabinets.

Should You Refurbish or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets? Close
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Should You Refurbish or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 at 10:45am.

What to Know About Refurbishing or Replacing Your Kitchen CabinetsA cabinet upgrade can be costly, but nothing quite revitalizes a kitchen like changing the cabinets. For Hermitage homeowners with older cabinets in need of a change, learn more about whether refurbishing or replacing kitchen cabinets is the best choice depending on the situation. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of both:

Pros & Cons of Refurbishing Your Cabinets

Refurbishing kitchen cabinets can take many forms, which makes this a great option for homeowners who want to change up their kitchen space without investing in new cabinets. Cabinets can be stained, re-painted, given different hardware, can have new doors installed without a total replacement, and more. These projects are often more involved on the part of the homeowner and are only viable if the cabinets are of moderate quality to begin with—cabinets with extreme wear and tear are likely to need replacement.

Pros of Cabinet Refurbishing

Cons of Cabinet Refurbishing

  • Fewer options for changing the design

Pros & Cons of Replacing Your Cabinets

When preexisting cabinets are too beaten up, or when they're just too outdated or aesthetically mismatched from the rest of the kitchen to be salvageable, it may be time to replace the cabinets rather than refinish them. Replacing kitchen cabinetry is an expensive endeavor, with costs starting around $1,000 and easily rising to over $10,000 for real wood or larger kitchens. However, when it comes to a true kitchen renovation, replacing the cabinets offers homeowners much more versatility in their designs.

Pros of Cabinet Replacement

  • More freedom to change aesthetics
  • The ability to start off fresh with new, unworn cabinets

Cons of Cabinet Replacement

  • More expensive than refurbishing & refinishing
  • Difficult for homeowners to do without hiring a contractor

Contact a Home Contractor Today

Depending on what route homeowners take, it may be possible to DIY the cabinet job. If the cabinets need to be replaced, contact a home contractor today to get an estimate for having new cabinets built and installed so you can start living in your dream kitchen as soon as possible.

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