What Are the Driving Times in Nashville, TN?

Are you thinking about moving to Nashville? If so, you should know about the local commute before you choose your neighborhood and home. Here's what to know.

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What Are the Driving Times in Nashville, TN?

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 at 10:12am.

Everything to Know About Driving and Commuting in NashvilleCommuting in Nashville can be a challenge. As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Nashville's streets are filling up fast. Whether you're thinking about moving to the area or you're already a local, it's important to know how to get around and what methods you can use to save time. Here's what you need to know about Nashville commute times.

The Commute

The average Nashville commute is approaching one hour. While in years past, the typical commute in Nashville was about 30 minutes, that's been changing as the cities just outside Nashville fill up with residents. Moving to the outer suburbs saves money, but it can also add time to get to work.

How Do People Get Around?

The standard way to get around Nashville is by car. Nashville is serviced by major interstates and freeways that bring people into the heart of Nashville. Other methods of transportation include commuter train, public bus, carpool and vanpool. Commute time varies with each method of transportation.

What Can You Do to Avoid Traffic?

There are many things residents can do to avoid the worst traffic in Nashville. The method most residents use depends on where they live, where they're going, what their resources are and factors like lifestyle choices. For example, some people choose to go to work earlier and get home earlier. Driving to work before the crowds and getting home before traffic gets bad is practical only for people who like to get up early and who have flexibility with their work hours.

Here are some other options that people use to avoid a long commute:

  • Drive a reverse commute. Living downtown and commuting to the suburbs enables residents to avoid the worst of the traffic while enjoying a fun downtown home.
  • Carpool. HOV lanes on freeways are reserved for people who carpool to and from work; these lanes are often much faster than standard lanes.
  • Avoid the freeways and interstates. Non-freeway and interstate roads are sometimes less clogged and go around the worst of the traffic.
  • Choose a home close to the office. People who are relocating to Nashville can choose a home near their workplace to keep their commute as short as possible.
  • Ride a bike. People who are close enough to their workplace to ride a bicycle there maybe able to avoid traffic by sticking to the bike lanes.
  • Work from home. Working from home is an easy way to avoid going anywhere or wasting any time commuting.

Know Your Commute Time Before You Buy

People who are planning to buy a home in Nashville and who want to avoid a long commute will need to do research before purchasing a home. They can start by visiting the area before choosing a neighborhood or a suburb to live in. Visiting the area will help home buyers understand traffic patterns in Nashville and can help them decide which neighborhoods are the best, relative to the place where they'll be working. Other suggestions:

  • Drive the commute in the morning from the home to the workplace before making an offer on a home.
  • Consult with a real estate professional about commute times.
  • Consider homes in many areas before settling on one specific suburb or neighborhood.
  • Remember that even though it's easy to find cheap car insurance in Tennessee, the area you choose will impact your premium. 

Moving to the Area? Contact a Real Estate Professional

If you're a home buyer who would like to move to Nashville, start by contacting a real estate professional. Working with a real estate agent can help you decide which home is right for you.

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